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Privacy Policy

TL;DR: MastoMetrics users can opt-in (sign up) to get insights about their activity and interactions on Mastodon. We collect and store only publicly available data about your Mastodon account and posts, and only to provide insights to you alone.

Your responsibility

Data Collected

When opting-in (signing up) for MastoMetrics we store and collect data about you:

For clarity:

We store data for as long as you have an account, as providing historic insights is one of the main purposes of our platform. This includes any posts that you may have deleted at a later point, since we do not have a reliable or practical method of detecting deleted posts.


We store and collect your data for only the following reasons:

For clarity:


We only start collecting your data after explicit consent through signing up for MastoMetrics. If signed up and you want to opt-out from processing, you can instantly deleted your account from the MastoMetrics settings.

Alternatively, if you revoke access to the MastoMetrics application from your Mastodon instance account settings, we will no longer be able to collect data from your account. However, your data will remain for 30 days, if we didn't get any new login from you within that timeframe we will also delete all your data.

Third Parties (Vendors)

The following third party organizations are used to host and provide the application and may receive or store the data collected as part of normal operations:

In all cases these 3rd parties only process or access data for the purposes of providing the application to you, and will not use, sell or distribute your data for any other purposes.


No tracking cookies are used. The only cookie placed by MastoMetrics is a session cookie while you are logged in to authenticate your web requests.


The Primary location of the data stored is Google Cloud Platform, in region US-West. The legal location or basis of operation for ’MastoMetrics’ is Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe.


We follow strong but basic security principles to minimize the risk and exposure of the data we store.


We respect, embrace and encourage the rights and regulations that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides. We intent to implement some of your rights as features in the future (i.e. data portability), in the meantime you can always call on your rights by contacting us.

Changes to our Policy

We expect to make several changes in our Privacy Policy as we continue with the development by adding new features. Changes to our policy will be communicated on our Mastodon Account: @[email protected]


If you have any worries or concerns about your privacy or feedback to this policy feel free to reach out to @[email protected]

MastoMetrics is developed by Robert van Hoesel in The Netherlands. MastoMetrics is not a formal legal (non-person) entity, but may become one in the future.

  • 2021-03-24: Changed our policy to include tracking of individual interactions from people interacting with MastoMetrics' users.
  • 2032-03-10: Added explantion on how to delete your account yourself without needing to contact us. Also adding policy that any account that revokes access to the Mastodon App will be delete if not signed into again within 30 days.
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